Monday, April 10, 2006

Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

Everyone on the planet has an opinion on Orson Scott Card. He has rightfully earned the ire of many from his stance on homosexuality, and not so rightfully for his politics. (I'm of the school of thought that states everyone is entitled to their own opinion -- even if they are wrong.) In the midst of the tumult, and in light of his recent novels, people are forgetting just how amazing an author he was in the mid to late 80's.

Ender's Game received the Hugo and Nebula award for best novel, and rightfully so. It tells the tale of young Ender Wiggin, a child so incredibly gifted, he is taken away to a space station to be trained and tested to see if he is humanities last great hope in an intergalactic war against an alien species known as the Bugger's.

The story is one of adversity, and Ender is forced to work doggedly to achieve the standards expected of him. He is pushed to his breaking point and beyond, but finds just enough to come through in the end. (with the help of his friends)

While traces of the Cold War can make this novel seem a bit dated in some regards, Ender's Game stil holds up today. The magic and wonder one feels when they come to the climax is what makes speculative fiction so wonderful.

A seven year old holds the fate of the universe in his hands. Has their been a better 'gateway drug' for children into science fiction since Robert A. Heinlein wrote his juveniles? I submit that Ender's Game is quite worthy of it's spot among the pantheon of the greatest science fiction tales ever told. It's like is rarely seen.


**Collector's note: A first edition, first printing of Ender's Game can fetch as much as 700 dollars American on the open market. Card's signature is among the easier to get, so a signed copy does not make much difference in value at this time.

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