Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Off to Worldcon

Just finishing up the last minute preperations for my trip to the 64th World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, California. At which my intent is to:

A. Spend too much money on collectible books.

B. Get certain treasures autographed, such as my first editions of Dangerous Visions (Harlan Ellison), Dragonflight (Anne McCaffrey), and The Last Unicorn (Peter S. Beagle).

C. Party with, and enjoy the company of, countless friends and the wonderful members of the Brotherhood Without Banners.

On Friday I will be taking part in a live action chess match between Daniel Abraham and George R.R. Martin. Indeed, I will be the 'king' for the undoubted champions, Dorne. (Of A Song of Ice and Fire fame.) This is my first time wearing a costume at a convention, and hopefully my last.

The weeks leading up to this convention have been more than hectic here, and due to an inordinate amount of business travel, I've fallen a bit behind on my reviews. Beginning immediately after Worldcon (and related reports and pictures), I will be posting at least a review a day until I'm caught up.

Books you can expect to get the lowdown on include Lords of Rainbow by Vera Nazarian, Mockingbird by Sean Stewart, Shriek by Jeff VanderMeer, Seven Touches of Music by Zoran Zivkovic, Infoquake by David Louis Edelman, Mappa Mundi by Justina Robson, The Steam Maganate by Dana Copithorne, Scar Night by Alan Campbell, and many more.

I will also be talking about magazines such as Interzone, Electric Velocipede, Locus, and Asimov's. I'll regale you all with tales of book stores I've been fortunate enough to visit on my recent travels, such as DreamHaven Books in Minneapolis. IHIDJGATE will be running strong up until World Fantasy Convention in Austin, TX at the end of the year, at which point I'll have to beg another pause for geeky hijinx and soul recharging.

If you happen to be going to Worldcon this week, look me up at the BWB party following the Hugo's on Saturday night. That is certain to be a party you'd regret missing.

-William Lexner

Comments on "Off to Worldcon"


Anonymous Safaa said ... (2:46 PM) : 

Looks like you're going to be having a lot of fun at Worldcon (how I envy you!).

It's on these occasions that I hate being a penniless student living in Lisbon, Portugal...

I wonder if they'll ever do a Worldcon in Spain. Well, my only consolation is that George RR Martin is Guest of Honor at Semana Negra 2008, hehe.

Have a nice trip.


Blogger William Lexner said ... (3:34 PM) : 

Actually, George invited my wife and I to Semana Negra, or rather, encouraged us to make the trip.

We may just be there.


Anonymous Safaa said ... (6:25 PM) : 

That's great!

But you all better be prepared to meet a scary horde of portuguese fans. ;)

Seriously, we are all looking forward very much to Semana Negra. I can speak for many when I say we love George's books and spend hours in group discussions about Song of Ice and Fire. The saga hasn't even been translated yet to portuguese!

And considering the huge success the books met in Spain, it will probably be a Semana Negra to remember...


Blogger Alice said ... (9:56 AM) : 

Look forward to the next batch of reviews! At least it'll give me a chance to catch up on the previous ones before I am compelled to spend even more money...


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