Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I've been on something of a hiatus from the site. This is not permanent thing and has been caused by a number of things in my personal life.

I'm happy to say the site should return to a semblance of normalcy soon. In fact, I will be posting a review of Orson Scott Card's Empire later today.

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Blogger Neth said ... (11:42 AM) : 

No worries - we all get busy from time to time and loose time for hobbies.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to that upcoming review - I have no desire to read that book, so I'm curious to see what you have say about it.


Blogger Farseer said ... (4:30 AM) : 

Well, I wouldn't reject reading a novel just because I don't like the writer's personal beliefs. The novel can still be good. However, Orson Scott Card is no longer a good writer, in my opinion. He wrote some extremely good stuff (and not only Ender's Game), but his latest work is much weaker.

When I found out about Card's political beliefs I was rather surprised, to tell you the truth. I didn't understand how a writer who showed such sensitivity and empathy in his novels could be so intolerant in real life.


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