Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay - Michael Chabon

Michael Chabon recieved the Pulitzer Prize for best for The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, and while he needs no further endorsement from me, I intend to offer my opinion.

It's good. Uncommonly, incredibly, at times awe-inspiringly good.

The story revolves around two Jewish cousins; Sam Klayman from Brooklyn and Joseph Kavalier of Prague. Together, at the dawn of the Golden Age of comics, they create a super hero named the Escapist, and fight the rising tide of fascism in Europe that threatens thier people with the only weapon they posess -- four-colored adventure with a not-so-subtle undertone.

The novel takes us from Prague to Japan, from New York to Antarctica, and Joe Kavalier's adventures echo the impossible tales of his creation. While the novel works as a wonderful escapism yarn by itself, the unspoken parallel with the Holocaust is heart wrenching. Despite the heroic efforts of Kavalier to save his family, despite having a super hero with the powers of Houdini at their disposal, we know the ending; there will be no escape for millions of Jews. All that is left for our heroes, -- and they have certainly graduated from protaganists to Heroes -- indeed all that is left for the remnants fo the Jewish people, is hope for a better tommorrow.

Michael Chabon has written the Great American Novel. It is Kavalier and Clay.


**Collector's Notes:
Having recieved the illustrious Pulitzer Prize fro best novel, the collectability of this novel is tremendous. First printings with signatures have brought as much as 400 dollars American.

Personally obtained autograph for authenticity purposes:

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