Monday, April 10, 2006

The Tooth Fairy - Graham Joyce

"Graham Joyce writes the kind of novels we keep hoping to find, but rarely do." -Jonathan Carroll

Multiple British Fantasy Award winner Graham Joyce tell a coming-of-age story like none before. Sam is a young boy when the Tooth Fairy first comes to visit. He is there to claim a recently loosened tooth, and is shocked when Sam can see him.

The Tooth Fairy tells the tale of three friends, growing up in a world that seems incredibly unfair. The novel starts with Sam's friend Terry having his toe bitten off by a legendary green pike, the terror of the local lake. He forever after walks with a limp, but it does not impede his immense athletic ability. Sam's other friend, Clive, is a child genius who began correcting his parents their small ignorances when he was four years old.

Sam has no gift. He has nothing but a loose tooth. Yet when it falls out and he hides it beneath his pillow, (without infomring his parents) he is shocked to be awoken by the Tooth Fairy.

"This is bad. Real bad." says the Tooth Fairy. And so it is.

As Sam and his friends grow, so does the Tooth Fairy. His small mischiefs evolve into dangerous stunts. He even becomes a she, just as Sam is discovering girls.

Graham Joyce tells a tale both haunting and mournful. There are novels that stick with; that you find yourself considering a year after you've read it. The Tooth Fairy is such a novel.


**Collector's Notes:
Graham Joyce is criminally unknown in The US. I am not certain as to the value of his books in the UK, but here in the States, they have yet to increase much, if it all, in value.

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