Monday, May 15, 2006

Publisher Spotlight: Dabel Brothers Productions

Launched in 2002 as Roaring Studios, a studio of Image Comics, DBPro is the first comic book studio to develop a line of comics based solely upon proven fantasy world developed by best-selling authors.

DBPro has moved through a few different publishers and has finally developed a certain autonomy, publishing their own work. Their signature comics series thus far has been the wonderfully rendered world of George R.R. Martin's Westeros in The Hedge Knight, but their goals are lofty and their projects are many.

The Hedge Knight is available in trade paperback format soon to be in its third edition, and tells the story of Ser Duncan the Tall, a prequel of sorts to A Song of Ice and Fire. It's a short story that previously appeared in the Legends anthology, and is lavishly drawn by Mike S. Miller and adapted by Ben Avery. The second tale of Ser Dunk, The Sworn Sword, first appearing in Legends II, is currently in production by DBPro.

Other comics previously produced include The New Spring from Robert Jordan, Dragonlance: The Legend of Huma, Raymond Feist's The Wood Boy, and Tad Williams' The Burning Man. (These last two are available in a single trade paperback edition)

DBPro has even more exciting renditions slated for the future, such as Raymond Feist's fantasy classic Magician, whose first issue is now available. I've read this first issue, and I was immediately immersed in a fantasy playground of my youth; shoved right back into the adventures of Pug and Tomas. Wonderful fun.

Another title in the works is a rendition of the first novel of Orson Scott Card's Alvin Maker series, The Red Prophet. I'm a fan of Card's science fiction, but had never read his fantasy before. DBPro's The Red Prophet was fascinating, impelling, and left me wanting more to the point that I went and purchased the first three novels of the Alvin Maker series.

Other future projects include Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series, and the story of a new Dungeons & Dragons world, Ptolus by D&D creator Monte Cook.

Developing comics out of proven fantasy titles is an idea that is long overdue. DBPro has painstakingly developed comics (and trade paperback collections of them, for those of us who do not collect comics) of the highest quality, while staying true to the author's orginal vision. Their efforts should be lauded and commended, and thier comics snatched up by fans everywhere.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:30 PM) : 

Monte Cook created D&D like MZB created King Arthur.


Blogger William Lexner said ... (4:32 PM) : 

He's *a* creator, isn't he? I admit my ignorance when it comes to D&D, but his site lists his as the author of the Dungeon Master's Guide.

However, I bow to your superior knowledge, Yags.


Blogger Race said ... (2:43 PM) : 

Monte wrote a lot of the 3rd edition stuff.

The main creators of original D&D are Gary Gygax and Dave Arnesun

I just dont think you take D&D seriously enough.


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