Monday, March 12, 2007

Howard Who?

"There's no better writer alive than Howard Waldrop."
- Tim Powers

Old Earth Books (the fine publishers of SF classics Davy by Edgar Pangborn, City and Way Station by Clifford D. Simak, and the Edward Whittemore fantasy line) has produced an incredible collection of Howard Waldrop short fiction entitled Things Will Never Be The Same.

Waldrop's short fiction is among some of my favorite science fiction, and this book collects some of his very best work. It features:
  • "King of Where-I-Go"
  • "Calling Your Name"
  • "The Dynasters, Vol. I, On the Downs"
  • "US"
  • "Mr. Goober's Show"
  • "Heart of Whitenesse"
  • "Household Words, or, The Powers-That-Be"
  • "The Sawing Boys"
  • "Do Ya, Do Ya, Wanna Dance?"
  • "Wild, Wild Horses"
  • "French Scenes"
  • "Night of the Cooters"
  • "The Lions Are Asleep This Night"
  • "Heirs of the Perisphere"
  • "Flying Saucer Rock and Roll"
  • "The Ugly Chickens"

I bring this collection to your attention because Old Earth Books is currently offering free shipping on all orders that include Things Will Never Be The Same.

From the OEB website:


Order Things Will Never Be The Same before April 1, 2007 and receive free shipping on your entire order (US orders only; does not apply to currently out-of-stock books).

Enter the code HW in the promotion code box when you check out to take advantage of this special offer.

While there, be sure to pick up the Simak books and Davy. These three works are bloody seminal.

And I'd be remiss in not mentioning other great Waldrop books:

Howard Who? from Small Beer Press is a joy, and was my first Waldrop experience. And Custer's Last Jump from Golden Gryphon Press features Waldrops collaborations with such luminaries as George R.R. Martin and Bruce Sterling.

If you find your collection lacking in Howard Waldrop, then your collection is truly lacking. Pick up Things Will Never Be The Same while you can. If I've learned one thing with Old Earth Books it's that you only get one chance.... when they sell out, that's it.

Don't be out of luck.

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